Awards Display


National Defense Medal

Allied Forces with multiple sorties

Campaign 48 (France / Germany Star)

Remembered for its destructive speed and moves against the clock to effectively end the map after 30 hours. (Doc declared victory in 3 days and 4 hrs). Bitburg Cutoff and sweep to Koln - No supply for Axis - Badger77 CinC

Campaign 14 Strategic Warfare

The Campaign 14 Strategic Warfare Ribbon is awarded to the pilots who flew Strategic Missions during Campaign 14. If you piloted a bomber on a Strategic Bombing Run during campaign 14, this ribbon is for you. This ribbon is only for those pilots who actually flew a bomber on a Strategic Mission.

Campaign 14 Strategic Support

The Campaign 14 Strategic Support Ribbon is awarded to all who participated in the Strategic Initiative in Campaign 14 in a support role. This ribbon is for those who flew re-supply, tail-gunner, fighter escort, or training for the Strategic Initiative.

Campaign 7

For Victory in Campaign #7. Denying the Axis thee valued PZ3H.

Campaign 7 Strategic Warfare

Awarded to all those Allied players who flew Strategic Bombing Raids in Campaign #7.

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