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Operation End Zone Award

Operation End Zone . 02 February 2013

Operation Proud Guns

Started at 1900 GMT on October 6th 2012, Allied Forces push the Axis line in well organized great battles and captures like St.Truiden, Givet or Mouzon, while Allied Air Forces increased Axis RDP to more than 60% slower!! Conducted by CinC Alexbelt.

Operation Take Five

Started at 1800 GMT on August 19th 2012, Allied forces achieved the Objectives of Operation Take Five commanded by CinC Wolfxx, by taking 5 Axis towns in a row: Eupen, Monschau, Hurtgenwald, Ettelbruck and Mersch. Well done! ROLL Allies ROLL!!

Operation Santa Award

Operation Santa kicked off 1930 GMT on 27th December and saw Allied forces under the command of Catfive overcome rugged Axis defence at Flavion before going on to roll a number of towns on a breathtaking evening of true Allied grit and squad action

Operation Sledgehammer Battle Honour

Awarded to Allied participating in CinC Boycey's 'Operation Sledgehammer' over 21-23 January 2011 in Campaign 66. This operation saw a massive mobilisation of Allied forces, smashing the Axis Liege to Bitburg line.

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