Individual Awards

Chief of Staff of the Allied Forces

OCS Graduate
Awarded to Allied troops that have successfully completed Officers Candidates School.
Issued by WESTY91 on 27 Mar 2018
One Star Good Service Ribbon
For consistently carrying out requests during a session to a good level with a positive attitude that sets an example to others - a good team player.
Issued by BONDPAUL on 16 Nov 2018
Individual Citation
For Leadership in the field, for AHC and non-AHC Allies.
Issued by BONDPAUL on 17 Jan 2019
Iron Will of the Allieds
Exemplary action in a single engagement, includes but is not limited to defense of a FB, an attack or town defense. Recepients actions result in an overwhelming reversal of fortune for the axis team, and success for team allied.
Issued by BONDPAUL on 22 Jan 2019
Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff Leadership Badge
Who must approve: Commander-in-Chief Who may recommend: Commander-in-Chief Who may receive: An Officer attaining the position of Theater Chief of Staff or Deputy Chief of Staff. The Chief and Deputy Chief of Staff Leadership decoration is awarded to any AHC Officer attaining the position of Theater Chief of Staff, or Deputy Chief of Staff and remains in that position for no less than one full campaign.
Issued by BONDPAUL on 28 Feb 2019
Command Excellence
Who must approve: Chief of Staff Who may recommend: Country Commander Who may receive: Any AHC Officer serving three or more consecutive campaigns. The Command Excellence is the highest decoration that can be awarded to a AHC Officer. It is awarded to those serving Allied High Command Officers who distinguished themselves by outstanding meritorious service to the Allied High Command, through their continuous demonstration of leadership, communication, team spirit and dedication to the mission of the High Command.
Issued by BONDPAUL on 28 Feb 2019
AAR of the Week
Awarded only by the Commander in Chief each week to any player or officer who posts an After Action Report describing in detail the events that occurred while he was in game.
Issued by BONDPAUL on 11 Mar 2019
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