Individual Awards

Training - Executive Officer

DFT of the Month
The DFT of the Month is a program which recognises those individuals who have selflessly worked with Officer Candidates during the second Phase of Training as well as providing assistance to the ATC to improve the quality of the training program.
Issued by SIDEBAR6 on 17 Jan 2022
OCS Graduate
Awarded to Allied troops that have successfully completed Officers Candidates School.
Issued by SIDEBAR6 on 17 Jan 2022
Allied Bomber Hero
Awarded to the Allied bomber pilots that finish a campaign as one the Top 10 Bombers. These pilots have a huge impact on the ground war, and are feared by our enemy. Can be awarded by any Allied Air Force Officer.
Issued by SIDEBAR6 on 17 Jan 2022
Elite Bomber 2nd Rate
Awarded to Allied Bomber Pilots who have demonstrated skill and dedication as an Elite Bomber by scoring 1000 Confirmed Air-to-Ground Kills in a bomber. It is awarded at the Brigade level by the AdA or RAF
Issued by SIDEBAR6 on 17 Jan 2022
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