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Central High Command
HATERACT, Commander in Chief of the Allied Forces
DRAGOZ, Chief of Staff of the Allied Forces
ALEXBELT, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Allied Forces

CinC Staff
BLKHWK8, Administration - Commanding Officer
_________, Administration - Executive Officer
CAPCO, DDOP - Commanding Officer
ALVAR, DDOP - Executive Officer
_________, DDOP - Staff Officer I
_________, Communications - Commanding Officer
_________, Communications - Executive Officer
MARTIGAN, Training - Commanding Officer
_________, Training - Executive Officer
QUINCANNON, Public Relations Officer

British Country Command
TOXAWAY, Commander in Chief of the BEF
_________, Chief of Staff of the BEF

French Country Command
SPACECAM, Commander in Chief of the ArFr
GASSAULT, Chief of Staff of the ArFr

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