Brigadier General WAZUP
2nd Armoured Brigade Commander


 2nd Infantry Division


Awards For This Unit:


  • Swedish Allied Forces Div - http://www.safd.se
  • O.S.S. (Office of Strategic Services) - http://82ndxspecxops.11.forumer.com/index.php
  • 3CD http - //www.3cdgamers.com/
  • 22nd MIR - http://www.22ndmech.org/
  • 1st. Spanish Company - www.1spanishcompany.co.uk
  • 40 Commando - http://www.40commando.com

  • The 2nd. Armoured Brigade is by far the most dedicated armoured unit in game. Its squads have been known to turn the tide of battles and Campaigns over and over again. Join the proud, the brave, the prestigious, the one and only 2nd Armoured Brigade! If you want be part of the WW2 Online history join us. We waged great battles along the allied side, we are writing part of the history of the campaigns... Be part of 2AB! S!

    Visit our new forums >> http://www.secondarmouredbrigade.freeforums.org/

    And lo, there before me was a pale camoflaged coloumn of allied armour! Its riders were named 2nd Armoured, and hell followed with them! Bringing death to axis!!! Jarrrrrrl!

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