Commodore PULFER
19th Destroyer Flotilla Deputy Executive Officer


 Nore Command


 37th Destroyer Squadron
 38th Destroyer Squadron

The personnel within 19th DD Command operate at the division level naval wise but are expected to support ground operations as needed. A position within the 19th DD should be an effort to prepare a player for further advancement if they choose such, it's a learning ground for those with higher asperations. By the time you enter into a divisional level slot you should be well prepared in supporting our CINCs overall objectives yet should feel very comfortable at sea.

The 19th DD fully supports our organized navies agreement in not camping our oppositions deep water ports. It's been this way for several years and honorable men hold to the agreement.

Awards For This Unit:

We continue to have openings in the Royal Navy. Feel free to contact ANY naval or HC officer to get started in your OCS training to join us & keep the RN strong. Salute!


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