Commodore VENDETTA
38th Destroyer Squadron Commander

  Commodore TRAN
38th Destroyer Squadron Deputy Executive Officer


 19th Destroyer Flotilla


Awards For This Unit:

If you need a LOA tell me first. I will be able to authorise a short LOA.

The Chain of Command is there to assist you. Use the Orbat mailer. get things done the RIGHT way the first time.

Recruiting into the 38th. the 38th has an open door policy. If you wish to join the 38th for ANY reason we will accept you with open arms and do our utmost to help you in any way possible. Requesting Officers for a Sea Jaunt. If at any time you want to learn more about the Destroyer that we have in game, send a pm to me or any of my officers and we will do our utmost to get you on as crew and have a bit of fun, and hopefully learn something as well.

The Agreement: At this stage we, as an honourable navy, will NOT Spawn Camp any Deep water Port where the Kriegsmarine can spawn. Understand that it is dangerous to follow EDD's into Shore Guns. This action is not supported.

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