Individual Awards

Commander of 52 Squadron (Bomber Brigade)

OCS Graduate
Awarded to Allied troops that have successfully completed Officers Candidates School.
Issued by SIDEBAR6 on 24 Jan 2022
Awarded to those who step up and take the task as Air OIC on a regular basis to lead the Allies into battle.Awarded by DDOP and CinC.
Issued by BIGWOODY on 10 May 2022
Royal Air Force Pilot Wings
These wings are awarded to all Pilots who successfully complete both Basic and Advanced Pilot Training with the RAF.
Issued by BIGWOODY on 10 May 2022
Distinguished Fighter Pilot
Awarded to the Allied fighter pilots that finish a campaign as one the Top 10 Fighters. These pilots have a huge impact on the air war, and are feared by our enemy. Can be awarded by the RAF/FAF CO.
Issued by BIGWOODY on 10 May 2022
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