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Campaign 67 Victory

Campaign 67 saw CinC Xjaegerx lead the dominant Allied forces through a solid northern push resulting in a crushing victory. The medal features the flag of Axis factory town Essen, the capture of which finally broke the Axis spirit.

National Defense Medal

Allied Forces with multiple sorties

Campaign 48 (France / Germany Star)

Remembered for its destructive speed and moves against the clock to effectively end the map after 30 hours. (Doc declared victory in 3 days and 4 hrs). Bitburg Cutoff and sweep to Koln - No supply for Axis - Badger77 CinC

Campaign 18 Strategic Bombing

For aggressively participating in the Allied bombing efforts over the axis RDP facilities. “The hard work and long hours of the devoted allied pilots once again meant the doom for the axis. All combined the allies held the axis to only two RDP cycles.”

Campaign 14 Strategic Warfare

The Campaign 14 Strategic Warfare Ribbon is awarded to the pilots who flew Strategic Missions during Campaign 14. If you piloted a bomber on a Strategic Bombing Run during campaign 14, this ribbon is for you. This ribbon is only for those pilots who actually flew a bomber on a Strategic Mission.

Campaign 14 Strategic Support

The Campaign 14 Strategic Support Ribbon is awarded to all who participated in the Strategic Initiative in Campaign 14 in a support role. This ribbon is for those who flew re-supply, tail-gunner, fighter escort, or training for the Strategic Initiative.

Campaign 7

For Victory in Campaign #7. Denying the Axis thee valued PZ3H.

Campaign 7 Strategic Warfare

Awarded to all those Allied players who flew Strategic Bombing Raids in Campaign #7.

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