2ème Division Nord-Africaine



  • Joint Operatons Command (JOC)
  • 54th/LTD Wolfpack

  • Awards For This Unit:

    No Channel

    13e RDP changed its name to 13e Régiment de Tirailleurs Algériens with 1.27 patch. 13e RTA contains 2 squads that work closely together and has many veterans that specialize in FB busting and defense. Need support or a fire put out? Call on the 13e RTA!

    13e RTA works under the command of proud III Corps, 2ème division, usually beginning each campaing around Diest-Aarschot line. As a brigade it never gives up ground in the face of enemy assualt and often performs supporting roles in large breakthroughs occuring at north and north-center sectors.

    The 13e RTA has some of the best foot soldiers on the front!


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