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I Corps Command
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I Corps Command is commited to working with all branches of the Armed Forces in order to execute Combined Arms Operations.

I Corps Command Officer's Intent

It is my intent to create and maintain a body of Officers who represent the finest Officers within Allied High Command. Trained to a high standard and capable of being flexible enough to adapt to any role required in order to best maximise our chances of success.

Officers within I Corps will be versatile, have excellent initiative and can improvise, adapt to and overcome any problems that they may be confronted with.

I Corps Command will work closely with other Branches in order to perform effective Combined Arms Operations in order to defeat the Axis threat.

I Corps Command Standing Orders

Expectation of Officers wishing to join I Corps

Officers within I Corps will be expected to know how to operate effectively within the roles of Map OIC, Attack/Defence OIC, Air OIC, Naval OIC and any other duties that may be reasonably expected of an Officer. This ability to operate effectively under any role will be achieved through training provided by 1st Airbourne Division, and through liason with other Branches in order to raise awareness and understanding of their functionality and management

The reason for being expected to know and understand all roles is that in any Operation, a Combined Arms assault working with Air, Naval, Para and Ground Units to co-ordinate into the attack gives us the best chance of achieving our Objectives. If we are capable of adapting to take on any role, we can ensure greater success of our Operations and greater support of other Operations performed by Allied High Command.


Officers are expected to abide by the Articles of Conduct both to the letter, and to their ethos, which I believe to fundamentally be providing support to those under our command and ensuring that they are confident in their roles. Also to the Soldiers of the Allied Forces who seek our guidance and support in achieving the best that they can in order to help support the Allied Forces towards victory.


Officers who fail to abide by the Articles of Conduct or who require any form of disciplinary procedure will be subject to the following procedure:
  • Advise
  • Instruct
  • Refer
In the first instance Officers will be advised on what can be done to rectify the situation. If the situation continues to persist, they will be instructed to follow the advice given. If they fail to follow instructions they will be referred to the next level up in the Chain of Command.

Division and Brigade CO's will be allowed some discretion in deciding whether a situation is serious enough to warrant heading straight to disciplinary matters or passing up the Chain of Command, however ideally the majority of issues should be able to be dealt with by the the appropriate level of Command.

Communication to Squads and soldiers of the Allied Forces

A high level of communications are expected from Squads and Soldiers of the Allied Forces and we are to rise to this expectation by ensuring that they are informed well in advance of any Major Operations we intend to conduct, and are notified as soon as possible of any Minor Operations that occur as a spur of the moment opportunity.

Also, when we are found placed in other roles such as Map OIC, Map XO and so on, we ensure that communications remain high and to the correct channels in order to maximise support for our Operations and those of the Allied High Command.

I Corps XO Standing Orders

I Corps Command Liason

For a list of active Allied Squads and points of contact, consult the following link:

Squad List

I Corps DXO Standing Orders

I Corps Command Training Aids

BEF OCS Training


History of I Corps Command

Background Reading

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