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Welcome to the 1st Airborne Division Operational Command.

The 1st Airbourne Division is commited to working with all branches of the Armed Forces in order to execute Combined Arms Operations as well as specialising in Covert Operations.

1st Airbourne Division Commanding Officers Intent

1st Airborn Division's new mandate is to promote team play as much as possible. A new website for 1st Airborn is at airborneonline.net where there is forums now available for use by the division. The Division will be moving to the policy that in order to be an officer in the brigade you must be a member of a squad assigned to that brigade. While I may at times have to put in non brigade people in officer slots this is not my ideal situation and will strive to avoid it if possible. The Text Channel for the brigade will be 25. I encourage all members of the 1st Airborn to use this channel. I will be updating more as I get 1st Airborn Rolling.

Major General "Kat" Karita Commanding Officer 1st Airborn Division

History of the 1st Airbourne Division

The 1st Airborne division was formed on 31 October 1941 under the command of Major General Frederick Browning. The unit suffered terrible casualties throughout the operations it undertook, especially during Operation Market Garden, the operation which made the division famous for its defence of Arnhem Bridge. The division was the first to use the maroon beret, now an internationally recognised symbol of elite airborne forces. The famed 'Pegasus Flash' has become internationally recognised with that of the British Airborne forces. ---

Background Reading

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I Corps Command

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The 1st Airboune Division is Recruiting new squads Please contact Karita for info on how to join the 1st Airbourne Division.

Please Email Karita at rbmarko@yahoo.com to talk about adding your squad to 1st Airborn Divsion

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